Trees are procedurally generated [size / location ] onto any surface by line tracing.  It uses the Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh systems in UE4.

When you shoot a tree I do these basic steps [there are more steps for audio and fx integration, but I wont list those here]:

remove the HISM instance

spawn a destructible mesh and a 'seed' mesh

add impulse to both

destroy the DM

wait for the seed to hit the ground and destroy

add a static mesh component of a tree [so i can scale it up]

destroy the SM comp and add a new instance into the HISM tree at the contact point on the terrain

use particles to cover up any visual imperfections during the swaps

Work in progress UDK 3rd person Action Game.  Everything in the world besides pickups have physics.  You can destroy objects and pick up the pieces to throw.  Score Bonus is based on how many enemy’s you destroy with each punch or kick.  Collision bonus is based on how many objects are involved in a collision chain.  Simple controls, lots of destruction and visual candy.

...more to come

I will be updating my home VR section soon... 

Gary Brunetti

A fully functional I-phone application built with Objective C.  A randomized fortune teller decision maker.  You ask a question, scratch the tummy and a huge tongue pops out with your answer.  Various other hotspots trigger animations, visual fx and sound fx.

This old tech demo I built my own avatar system [before Unreal released their own version].  It a basic bow game where you shoot objects to clear the board in as few shots as possible. There are ammo and bow upgrades, i.e. explosive arrows, auto targeting, zoom scopes, etc. 

I  manipulate the players face through out the experience.  As you destroy the objects, new face parts fly into you and attach to your face.  A mirror pops up between rounds to show you your new face.

Work in progress UDK puzzle game.  Free the trapped being by manipulating your form to one of the four elements.  No scoring, only a completion time for ranking.

Bow mechanic / object interaction - wip

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fun at home

Below are a couple of recent small tech demos I worked on at home to increase my knowledge base, create my own eye candy, or figure out solutions to questions I ask myself.