Gary Brunetti

Technical  .  Artistic  .  AR  .  VR  .  Realtime

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​​I am a game industry veteran with over 25 years of software and real time simulation development and entertainment experiences.  I started my career at Activision as a UI artist and quickly moved into 2D sprite based art and 3D modeling and texturing.  I became a Lead Artist and did both production and management simultaneously.   During my early career there was no such thing as a 'Technical Artist'.  If I had technical issues, I had to wait on a programmer to have time for me to figure out my issues for me.   I saw this both as a huge bottleneck in production and an invitation to teach myself.  I believe iteration is the key to creating great software.  Streamlining the production method and pipeline lead to more iteration time on the project.  As I continued in my career I fell in love with the technical side of art and found myself making tools to increase productivity and iteration times.  Being able to make my own tools to streamline the production process has been invaluable to me and my teams.  Being able to debug and troubleshoot technical issues quickly has been a welcome side effect of the learning process.  Moving further in my career, I was able to craft both my technical and creative abilities effectively.  I can lead internal and external art teams on the creative front as the Art Director, as well as using both sides of my brain leading the company's technical charge into art as the Technical Art Director.  The last 3 years I have also been diving into Technical Animation.  My drive to be both artistically and technically creative is one of my greatest assets for working in a real time simulation environment.